We changed the longitude and latitude coordinates of Cuenca / Ecuador, the same ones that were obtained from google maps. (Attached line code): Var lonLat = new OpenLayers.LonLat (-79.0046327, -2.897447)


We look for the coordinates in google maps of three points of interest in the city 1.- SPA NOVAQUA (lonLat1) 2.- RESTAURANT BALCON QUITEƑO (lonLat2) 3.- MILENIUM PLAZA (lonLat3), later we use the method lonLat of openlayers same that receives The latitude and longitude parameters and transform the location of the system coordinate of our openlayers map from WGS1984 to Spherical Mercator Projection.


Then we use the markers method to display the points of interest that were stored in the variables lonLat1, lonLat2, lonLat3.


We put the zoom to 13, as the points are far away we must calibrate the zoom so that it shows all the points included in the map.


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